Intervention is an opportunity to interrupt and redirect destructive patterns caused by the addiction. It is a starting point for change.

Addiction Help Services


Following the ARISE® model for Invitational Intervention®, we believe that an intervention functions best not as a confrontation or an attack, but as an act of love and concern. Addiction, at its essence, is an illness, and our addiction help services are here to help our clients enter treatment to alleviate the suffering this disease is causing them and their concerned parties.

Intervention is an opportunity to interrupt and redirect destructive patterns caused by the addiction. It is a starting point for change.

More than 20 million people in the United States are currently struggling with addiction. One of the hallmarks of the disease is denial. Often the person suffering from addiction is unable to recognize that they need professional help.

An intervention offers an opportunity to educate all parties involved on the facts of addiction as a disease and offer tools to move forward into a journey of recovery and freedom from the addictive behaviors. An intervention aims to show the person of concern the truth about how their actions and behaviors around the addiction are causing problems for their loved ones as well as risking their own health and well-being.

Here is what you recieve when working with us:

  • A highly trained  ARISE® certified interventionist with years of experience in addiction treatment and long term recovery.
  • A safe environment where all parties are treated with compassion, dignity and respect
  • Feedback that encourages fact-finding over emotions.
  • Suggestions to build healthy boundaries within the family system, ensuring that each member is able to express themselves and feels safe and able to do so.  
  • Tailored treatment options and opportunities for learning and healing for each participant and not just the person of concern.

How it works

Intervention process

We know that this process can be overwhelming, intimidating, and highly emotional. With this in mind, we have outlined the steps that we follow when taking on new clients so that you know exactly what to expect when working with Ashley Gaede Interventions:

Consultation and Contract

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to describe the situation at hand and what has led you to seek an interventionist for your loved one. It is also an opportunity for us to determine if AGI is the right fit for you based on our philosophy and proposed timeline. 


Family Intake & Treatment Planning

We call this step family intake because the family, in a very real sense, is also entering a recovery process. This is where we select the treatment facility and travel arrangements for the person of concern and begin preparation for the Network Meeting. 


Network Meeting

We use the term Network Meeting instead of “intervention” here because our approach is less formal than a traditional intervention. This meeting offers the opportunity for family, friends, and loved ones to assemble together and relay non-judgmental, compassionate, and fact-based information to the person of concern using language and communication tips we discussed in our Treatment Planning phase. 



The treatment center will be carefully vetted and the best choice facility for the client’s needs will be selected as part of the intake process. Once our person of concern agrees to accept help and enter the treatment facility, the family will also begin a recovery course. It is standard practice that a team member from AGI accompanies the individual to the facility to ensure a smooth transition. 


Comprehensive Case Management

This phase of the AGI Intervention Process includes meetings with the interventionist. This time is dedicated to updates from the treatment team, check ins, and continuing education. Our goal is long-term recovery for all affected parties, which will extend beyond the initial treatment phase. 


Case Management

Essential to the long term recovery of a person suffering from addiction is continued Care

Addiction is a cyclical, chronic disease. While convincing a person of concern to enter addiction treatment is an important step in interrupting the cycle, it is rarely sufficient on its own. Comprehensive Case Management considers the specific needs of the family network to establish a clear Continued Care Program that extends beyond the initial treatment phase for the person of concern. Essential to the long term recovery of a person suffering from addiction and their family network is to keep everyone actively engaged in the recovery process. This will be especially critical for the person of concern when transitioning between a treatment facility and longer-term recovery environments.

As a trained ARISE® Interventionist, Ashley believes in creating a Continued Care Program to support both families and their person of concern in bridging the gaps between their phases of early recovery through ongoing Comprehensive Case Management.

Comprehensive Case Management is a Concierge Service 

We have done the research for you. AGI will connect you with thoroughly vetted providers and programs based on the needs of your family, which we will determine together during our meetings. Navigating the treatment industry can be overwhelming and exhausting. We understand how important it is to identify and connect you with the best resources available. AGI is not affiliated with any treatment centers and does not receive any compensation for placing a client in the care of a facility. You can rest assured that AGI is committed to finding the very best options for your loved one and your family. 

While our philosophy on intervention with comprehensive case management is the same for every individual, we understand that some of our clients require unique arrangements to make treatment possible. AGI offers discrete, individualized services to all our clients, including our high-profile clients and those needing tailored arrangements.

We are committed to helping families and loved ones navigate the recovery process


from the very beginning

"It has been over two years now, and we (my son and I) are eternally grateful. He is living a WHOLE new life. I thank God every day for leading me to Ashley. She is amazing."

— Fran, Mother of a client

"I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and experienced interventionist"

— Evan F., Family member of client